Emergency Procedures

In case of emergency, McCurdy Charter will make every effort to provide information about student safety and status.  Please DO NOT come to the school during LOCKDOWN, EVACUATION, or SHELTER-in-PLACE emergencies.

In emergencies that require evacuation, students will be evacuated to:

  • MCS football field

If the primary evacuation location is not safe for students, we will evacuate to a secondary location:

  • Holy Cross Church
  • Espanola Fire Department on La Hoya

The Reunification Process (subject to change as emergency situations dictate – please wait for information provided via robo-calls, emails, texts, or local media):
 The adult picking up a student will be greeted by members of the Verification Team at the main entrance/reunification point.
 The adult will be given a copy of the “Student Reunification Form”
 Ask the adult to complete the first section. A team member will then confirm the identity of the adult utilizing picture id [state or federal identification with picture and signature]
 Confirm that the adult is listed on the Student Profile Sheet or in the PowerSchool database.
 A team member will then complete the second section of the “Student Reunification Form” and hand it to a designated runner (chosen from MCS staff) to be carried to the Student Holding Area where it will be documented by the teacher of the student’s class before releasing the student to the runner.
 The designated runner will deliver the “Student Reunification Form” and the student to the verification team and adult that completed the reunification form.

— OR —

Reunification at the Hospital:
 If the parent/guardian must be notified that their child(ren) has been injured or for some other reason is not available for release, the staff member at the main entrance/reunification point will not indicate the status of the child but will ask the parent/guardian to report to a nearby room, (notification room), for further processing. These parents will be released to go to their student at the nearest hospital.
 The Reunification Team will send no less than two members (and more if necessary) of MCS staff to the hospital to greet and console arriving parents. The Reunification Strike Team members will verify identification the same way they would for any other reunification, however, the parents/guardians will then be walked to awaiting hospital staff for further documentation and reunification with their student.
 A log of all parents/guardians arriving at the hospital must be kept by the Reunification Team.

Normal Reunification
 A hard copy of Student Profile Sheets should be used by the Reunification Team members for accountability and to maintain a list of those students who have been released. Classroom teachers will all record which students have been taken from their supervision by a runner.
 Once the parent/student reunification has taken place all families must exit the area. Security will be required to manage the parking area to ensure that all reunified persons will exit the area promptly and no loitering will be allowed.
 Reunification and demobilization is not complete until the last child has been provided for or reunified with family.
 After the last child has left the area, the Reunification team will hold a brief session to complete all paperwork, clean the area and return it to its normal operations, and hold a short debriefing to make everyone is stable and returning to normal. If anyone needs further counsel, this needs to be reported to appropriate support services.