Marisa, a McCurdy Charter student, is going to be a guest of Senator Mary Kay Pappen, Senate President Pro Tempore. Marisa will be introduced on the Senate Floor by Senator Papen and Lt. Governor Sanchez.She will see how the Senate and House of Representatives operate while in session, will tour the roundhouse, to include the Governors Office Suite, and Governors Art Gallery which was established by Former First Lady Clara Apodaca. Mrs. Apodaca is a close family friend and mother of Jeff Apodaca, 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate, whose primary election Marisa has been actively involved in.

Marisa will also tour the Senate Chamber and visit the Wall of Senators, where she will see her great grandfathers photograph and dates of service as a Senator elected out of Rio Arriba County in 1952.
Marisa will be able to experience the legislative process first hand and the educational experience of our State Government in action will help her to further develop her interest in government.

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