Our Science Bowl team, 2017/18:

Science Fair 2018 Results:
Congratulations to all the Science Fair Participants and especially for the following students who made it to Regionals:
-1st place — Acoustic Vibrations in Boxes
        –Thomas Archuleta
        -Nicholas Romero
        -Jolen Montoya
-2nd place — Marshmallow Canon
       -Gabriel Archuleta
       -Leonardo Maestas
-3rd place — Solar Powered Oven
       –Isaiah Ortiz
1st place — Music’s Affect on Heart Rate
        –Delilah Duran
-2nd place — How does microwave radiation affect different organisms?
       –Isaiah Abeyta
       -Alex Madrid
-3rd place — Organ Obliteration
       –Katherine Peterson
       -Barbara Garcia
1st place — “Air Pollution in the House”
       -Noah Archuleta
2nd place — “Magic Sound”
       -Elena Archuletas
       -Yanelini Veleta
3rd place — “Lemon Battery”
       -Brianna Archuleta
1st place — Photoeletric vs Lonization Smoke Alarms
       –Isabella Espinzoa
       -Marjorie Carranza
2nd place — Steam to Generate Electricity
       –Marcos Gasca
      – Matthew Baldonado
3rd place — Fluidized Air Bed
     -Michael Trujillo
     -Xavier Romero
     -Domonic Chavez
Life Science
1st place — Homemade Cough Drops vs Store Bought
     –Briana Sisneros
     – Adriana Zapata
2nd place — “This will take your breath away”
    -Deandra Ortiz
    -Genesis Morales
    – Andres Martinez
Although these projects did not place they still are recommended to go.
Earths Natural Resource
-Whitening Toothpaste (Heavenly Arellano, Jeneva Sereano, Olivia Contrell)
-Reflections in Light (Allison Cantrell, Alyssa Sandoval,Miquela Pena)
-How music affects your heart rate(Joby & Anthony)

This school year we are having our 2nd annual Science Fair, 4th annual Science Bowl, 2nd annual Supercomputeing Challenge, and 4th annual RoboRave.  In addition, we are also a Globe Citizen school where we collect field data and cloud observations that we upload for NASA.

Supercomputing: Monday and Wednesday at lunch in Ms. Berryhill’s room
SBA tutoring: Tuesday and Thursday at lunch in Ms. Berryhill’s room
Science Bowl: Friday
Science Fair: On-going preparation activities until March
Globe Citizens: Collect data for NASA three times a week.  Sponsors: Ms. Pepersack, Ms. Berryhill
RoboRave: On going through March.  Sponsor: Ms. Berryhill