M.S. Track and Field

Let's have a great year.

Scott Valdez, Head Coach

First Day of Practice:  February 21st, 2017
Practice Times:           M-F 3:35 pm till 5:00 pm
                                   ** *Athletes must be picked up by 5:00 pm
Mandatory Meeting For All Parents and Athletes:
                                    Wednesday, February 1st, 2017
                                    5:00 pm in Memorial gymnasium lobby.
Coaches Needed:  McCurdy Charter School is looking for 2 Co-Head Coaches to assist in running the program.  Interested parties should contact the school Athletic Coordinator Christian Lopez for information.

Evaluation forms:

Please read the Middle School Track and Field Rules on our website.  This will help the athlete and parent understand what is expected of them.


M.S. Track Schedule TBD:

Pecos (All)                              April 5, 2017                           2:00pm Parent Self Transport
Penasco (All)                           April 8, 2017                           9:00am
Parent Self Transport
Pojoaque (Boys)                      April 19, 2017                         2:00pm
Parent Self Transport
Pojoaque (Girls)                      April 20, 2017                         2:00pm
Parent Self Transport
Taos                                         April 29, 2017                         9:00am


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