Welcome to McCurdy Charter Secondary School (MCSS). Coming upon our fourth year of operation it feels less frantic and more familiar. With the majority of staff returning to MCSS and increased enrollment numbers we're gearing up for a busy school year. Work has occurred all summer in order to prepare for our students to have a successful year. The responsibility we hold of preparing young people for challenging futures is one we take seriously and thoughtfully. MCS continues to strive to create a unique experience for students of the Espanola Valley. I look excitedly towards a school year filled with yet more exciting adventures and positive outcomes. Many thanks to the individuals who continue to work towards making McCurdy Charter Secondary a great place to learn. Your children continue to count on you as parents and guardians to support their learning at MCSS. Here are some obvious ways to do this: *log-in to PowerSchool often *talk to them about their school experiences daily *email/call/visit with their teachers often *ensure that they are in class daily *seek support from the school when your child isn't successful *visit during the school day to show your children that you care about their school experiences ***DO NOT wait until the end of quarters/semesters/year to check grades


About McCurdy Secondary School

McCurdy Charter Secondary occupies primarily four buildings on the McCurdy Campus with Cole being at the hub. Students in grades 7th through 12th have a seven period schedule each lasting fifty minutes. McCurdy provides course offerings in all required subject areas in addition to charter required courses in the areas of Service Learning and Humanities. McCurdy Charter School has one of the largest athletic programs amongst charter schools in New Mexico with students participating in volleyball, football, basketball, baseball, softball and track & field.

In addition to its college preparation course of study McCurdy focuses on offering opportunities within the curriculum for character development. Community involvement and support are within the twenty-six credit graduation requirements of which one credit is offered as Service Learning. Within this experience students participate in community based projects within the school and community.

Here are some quick facts about McCurdy Secondary that many may find helpful:

  • We are a closed campus.
  • We have smaller teacher:student ratios.
  • All students follow a dress code.
  • MCSS has the same requirements of any public school with additional requirements to fulfill the charter.
  • McCurdy Charter School families deliver students to and from school.

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    Guidance Counselor
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    Art Teacher
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    English Teacher
  • Sarah Tario

    English Teacher

    English Teacher
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    Math Teacher
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    Math Teacher

    Math Teacher
  • Melissa Berryhill

    Science Teacher

    Science/PE Teacher
  • Laureen Pepersack

    Science & Health Teacher

    Spanish Teacher

    Social Studies Teacher
  • Pearl Vigil

    Learning Resource Instructional Assistant

    Educational Assistant - Math/Reading
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